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EverDrive GG
EverDrive GG
EverDrive GG
EverDrive GG

EverDrive GG

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  • FRAM for game saves (no battery required)
  • Max supported ROM size is 8Mbit (1Mbyte)
  • GameGear and SMS games are supported
  • Save RAM data can be stored or loaded from the SD card
  • Cartridge also can be used on Game Gear via the Master Gear Converter
  • Codemasters and Sega mappers are supported
  • SD/SDHC cards supported up to 32Gb
  • FAT32 support

Flash cartridge comes with the PCB only. You will need to supply an empty case,as well as the SD card you wish to use.



OS update

sms_loaderUSB loader


Promo materials:

KRIKzz YouTube demo

Omonim2007 (Russian)