S-video cable for Nintendo SNES, N64, Game Cube.
S-video cable for Nintendo SNES, N64, Game Cube.
S-video cable for Nintendo SNES, N64, Game Cube.
S-video cable for Nintendo SNES, N64, Game Cube.

S-video cable for Nintendo SNES, N64, Game Cube.

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Positive feedback rating Exactly as described. S-video on the snes is the way to go for sure. Thank you! Buyer: 
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  THE best S-video cable for Nintendo SNES, N64, Game Cube. Svideo SVHS 1.8m / 6ft (#302541545476)
I am using it with N64, Super Nintendo and GameCube on my 32" Sony Trinitron CRT looks great really good color's and good picture quality very sharp image I can't really tell any difference between this cable and my old Monster S-Video cable. Also looks really good on my 2006 LG hd tv on 4:3 setting. Huge difference between the composite cable and S-Video cable on both these TV's especially the HD LG

Positive feedback rating
fast shipping, solidly built cable, and the picture looks AMAZING! Get this now!
Évaluations positives Snes,N64 and GameCube all look great with the S-Video cable on a Sony Trinitron
Commentary received on ebay's inbox: I could not believe the quality difference in these VS my other S Video cables.. these must be a direct copy of the OEM Nintendo brand ones.. just thought I'd give a shoutout, very nice cables. thanks.
Positive feedback rating Arrived quickly and a dramatic quality upgrade for my SNES. Thanks!
Positive feedback rating I have purchased many S-Video Cables but this one is def closest to OEM!!

Positive feedback rating
cable works great, thanks
Positive feedback rating looks better than composite for sure
Positive feedback rating Excellent cable, no noise. This will keep me afloat while I fix my RGB setup.
Positive feedback rating These cables work very well. Everything is great. Thank you!
Positive feedback rating Not bad for a 3rd party product. Looks better on Sony Crt tvs then other brands.
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I personnaly own this cable for my Snes, N64 & Game Cube. The quality is very nice for the price.

This is a copy of the original Nintendo brand S-Video cable. Short of the genuine Nintendo S-video cable ( which is hard to find and expensive ) this is the best you can get. This cable is 1.8m long, approximately 6 feet. 

It will give you true S-video. Do not let yourself be fooled by those inexpensive S-video cables that offer composite ( the yellow cable ) on top of the S-video connector. Just about all of them are wired wrong and do not really output S-video, they route composite to the S-video connector instead.  I bought some of them myself and learned it the hard way.  Even the brand that comes in a nice little box is wired wrong and will not give you true s-video.  

The resulting picture on those fake cables is of horrible quality, worst than Composite itself. You will get what is commonly known as the checkerboard effect on top of washed out colors. The result might vary depending on your TV set and how they natively filter the signals you feed them. 
I tried those bad cables on a Sony trinitron CRT and the result was horrible. 

Those things should not even be on the market but they are all over ebay.

If you want true S-video out of your SNES, Gamecube or N64, those cables I sell are the cables to get. Just about all the cables that also have the yellow RCA connector are wired wrong. The only exception I know of are the 3 in 1 cables from monster cables and those are no longer easily available. 

Does not work with the SNES mini ( This variant does not output s-video)

*Please read*
*Disclaimer about compatibility with ''modern'' Hardware*

S-video is a standard that is not always very well supported nowadays. Especially low resolution S-video such as what comes out of a SNES or N64. S-video Compatibility with old consoles is best achieved on old school CRT televisions. This is where this cable will shine the most and give you the most consistent results with, as far as I know, 100% compatibility.  There can occasionally be issues with modern (LCD etc) television sets, and to a somewhat higher degree when using things like upscaler/HDMI converters or capture devices.  While it still works fine for more users, a minority of people experience issues such as bleeding, streaking or checkerboard. These issues are not caused by the cable but by s-video incompatibility between the consoles and the devices it is connected to. 
Please consider this information before buying. This being said, I always accept return for these items, whatever the reason is. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or technical issues. 

European/Pal users please read!
This cable is designed for NTSC consoles. They may not work with PAL consoles or require additional components to function properly.  At this time I was made aware it does not work on PAL Gamecube, requires additional components on PAL N64. PAL SNES compatibility is unknown. 


S-Video Hookups

Note: The S-Video cables are not compatible with the redesigned Super Nintendo.


Installation Steps:
  1. Locate the Audio/Video inputs on the back of the TV or VCR.
  2. Place the black end of the S-Video Cable into the S-Video IN on the back of the TV or VCR. Connect the red end of the cable to Audio IN Right.Connect the white end of the cable to the Audio IN Left. Use a slight twistingmotion when inserting the each cable and ensure the cables are firmly pressed into the input.
  3. Connect the rectangular (gray) plug of the S-Video cable into the multi-out connector on the back of the Control Deck.


After system is connected to the TV or VCR:

  1. Insert Game Pak fully into the Control Deck.
  2. Plug the controller(s) into the front of the Control Deck using the left-most port for one-player games.
  3. Plug the AC Adapter into the back of the Control Deck. Plug the other end into a wall outlet.
  4. Set the VCR's TV/VCR button to VCR. You can put a movie in the VCR, press Play, make sure the movie appears on your TV, then press Stop. This puts your VCR into VCR mode.
  5. Slide the Power Switch on (toward the Game Pak).
  6. Turn on the VCR and locate the input select. It's often called: input select, AUX auxiliary), Line, Line In, Input, Source, Select, In, or EXT (external). Switch the input select to show the Nintendo game.
  7. The game image should now be displayed on the screen. You're ready to play! To record video games, set the system up to play games as usual, then insert a video tape and press Record. It's that easy!