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Everdrive GBA Mini - Clear

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€129,95 EUR
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€129,95 EUR


  • All save types supported, no ROM patching required
  • Fast Loading (most games load within 1 - 2 seconds)
  • Hard gold plating for cartridge contacts
  • 256Mbit PSRAM (32MByte) ROM memory
  • 1Mbit SRAM (128KByte) save memory
  • Real-time clock support
  • Low power consumption
  • FAT32 support
  • Supported with GameCube player, some revisions of Super Retro Advance adapter and other GBA accessories
  • NES, GB and GBC ROM formats are support (emulation mode)

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Adam Ellery
Totally impressed!

Totally impressed with the product, great dealing with this store - package was delivered promptly and as described.

Gran Producto

Una maravilla, el tiempo de carga es rapidisimo, ademas de juegos de GBA puedes poner de GB, GBC, NES, GG, SMS, NGP, todo en una tarjeta mia de 128GB, muy recomendado, lo malo ha sido que me ha tocado pagar aduanas, y bastante, ojala pudieran enviar pronto a Europa desde Europa para evitar aduanas.

Ron Lopez
GBA Mini Everdrive

Krikzz' Everdrive line really are the only flashcarts you should be using on older consoles, they are premium. The cheap, Asian or Middle Eastern options can fry your system, they output too high of a voltage. The Everdrives will not damage any of your consoles and have the correct voltage, and have the best support and quality.
I was shocked I got an email at 5:30 a.m. in mid April saying the GBA Mini Everdrive was back in stock. I ordered it around 5:35, and when I clicked "pay", that was it, they were sold out after my order went through, I think I literally got the last one. Shipping was super quick, I'm in California.
The only complaint I have is the box for the Everdrive. Do not expect to get something like the Deluxe Editions from {{Redacted by EverdriveStore.com}}, these are just the Everdrive cartridges and a thin cardboard box. It just would've been very cool to be able to pay a bit more for a "deluxe" edition, with a proper Bit Box case with cover art, or a high quality cardboard box, a small instruction manual, and maybe a sticker or something, and maybe a cool official seal around the cartridge number(just a quality box that matches the very high quality of the actual Everdrive). You do get that cartridge number on the cart, and it's on a small white sticker on the box as well, so you can match the box to the proper numbered Everdrive.
Of course anyone able to get an Everdrive right now is lucky, while Ukraine is under attack. But if you prefer that cool golden serial number sticker and a manual with case, I'd wait for {{Redacted by EverdriveStore.com}} to get Everdrives back in stock. Otherwise, there is no difference, it's the same premium product as always.

Jonathan Abrams
A wonderful device

It's built really well and has so far worked 100% with every ROM I've tried. I use it with my Analogue Pocket, so no compatibility issue there.

The only problem I had was that I needed to push the microSD card in rather far to get it to "click" into place. But now that I know that, it's not an issue.

Alexis Maldonado
Hands down cannot be beaten

Just be patient and you will nab one. Quality is exceptional