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Turbo Everdrive Pro

Turbo Everdrive Pro

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    • Cyclone IV FPGA
    • 16MB of PSRAM memory
    • High quality 6-layer PCB with hard gold surface finish
    • Built-in CD-ROM² core*
    • Arcade card functions
    • In-game menu
    • Multi slot save states
    • Ten no Koe 2 saves support
    • Cheats
    • Custom menu themes
    • Switchless region auto detection
    • Built-in firmware installer
    • USB port for development


    The built-in CD-ROM² core does not work if a CD-ROM or Ten no Koe 2 is connected to 
    the console's external expansion port, or if the console has a built-in CD-ROM. For this 
    reason, the cartridge cannot run CD games on Duo systems.

    Due the mixing circuit specifics CD and hucart audio doesn't work via RF output

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