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GBA Mini Everdrive

Krikzz' Everdrive line really are the only flashcarts you should be using on older consoles, they are premium. The cheap, Asian or Middle Eastern options can fry your system, they output too high of a voltage. The Everdrives will not damage any of your consoles and have the correct voltage, and have the best support and quality.
I was shocked I got an email at 5:30 a.m. in mid April saying the GBA Mini Everdrive was back in stock. I ordered it around 5:35, and when I clicked "pay", that was it, they were sold out after my order went through, I think I literally got the last one. Shipping was super quick, I'm in California.
The only complaint I have is the box for the Everdrive. Do not expect to get something like the Deluxe Editions from {{Redacted by}}, these are just the Everdrive cartridges and a thin cardboard box. It just would've been very cool to be able to pay a bit more for a "deluxe" edition, with a proper Bit Box case with cover art, or a high quality cardboard box, a small instruction manual, and maybe a sticker or something, and maybe a cool official seal around the cartridge number(just a quality box that matches the very high quality of the actual Everdrive). You do get that cartridge number on the cart, and it's on a small white sticker on the box as well, so you can match the box to the proper numbered Everdrive.
Of course anyone able to get an Everdrive right now is lucky, while Ukraine is under attack. But if you prefer that cool golden serial number sticker and a manual with case, I'd wait for {{Redacted by}} to get Everdrives back in stock. Otherwise, there is no difference, it's the same premium product as always.

Kevin Calixte
Super outils

Cela fonctionne super bien

A wonderful device

It's built really well and has so far worked 100% with every ROM I've tried. I use it with my Analogue Pocket, so no compatibility issue there.

The only problem I had was that I needed to push the microSD card in rather far to get it to "click" into place. But now that I know that, it's not an issue.

Everdrive GBA Mini - Clear
Alexis Maldonado
Hands down cannot be beaten

Just be patient and you will nab one. Quality is exceptional

Nothing but true awesomeness!!

I own every consol everdrive. Last one being megadrive pro. I couldn't be happier. Great products. Great support. Been enjoying classic gaming with my kids ever since and long time friends!

Everdrive GBA Mini - Clear

EverDrive N8 NES - Gray
Evyatar Tsabari
Works great

Extremely simple to use and reliable.

Work great

I got the drive quickly and it works flawlessly

Amazing products and still amazing how they cope with supply chain and war disruptions

I'm the happy owner of pretty much every Everdrive product ever released (Everdrive Pro, Everdrive X3, N8, N8 Pro, SD2SNES, FXPak Pro, GBA X5, Everdrive 64, Turbo Everdrive....). I'm actually only missing the GB and the Mastereverdrive. Top noch support, good price, impressive community support. And it's still being released despite the known challenges. What else could we ask for?

Everdrive GBA Mini - Clear
Everdrive sucks.
Another with a crappy company.

A hot mess of a company. Go with the Omega DE

We are sorry for the bad experience you received.
We are not operating in normal condition right now and we struggle to supply demand.

unbelievable: Sold out in 3 Minutes??????????????

It´s my second turn now and I was not able to buy a unit because it has been sold out too fast. WTF..Bad Company...

We are very sorry for this event. :-(

EverDrive N8 NES

The EverDrive N8 NES is great. I don't mind the 2 second wait time it takes to load ROMs vs the Pro version's instant load time. I don't need multiple save states within the same game either. The one thing I wish the standard EverDrive N8 NES cart had was in-game exit to the EverDrive ROM game list menu. With everything that this cart can do, it gets a little bit annoying to have to get up and press reset every time I want to change EverDrive game ROMs on my original NES console. That should be a software feature also available on the EverDrive N8 just like it is on the N8 Pro version. Otherwise, I am very happy with the N8 overall.

Great device for a budget

The gb x3 can play a good set of games and is easy to setup and use.

Everdrive GBA X5 Mini - Yellow

EverDrive N8 NES - Gray
Shane Chevalier
The best!

Hands down the N8 is the best way to get that true feeling of playing on an actual NES without the original cartridge. Very easy to use for experienced users and thankfully YouTube is available to help the new folks starting out! When you get your N8, you'll need to revisit this website to get it to work as there are no instructions included!

EverDrive GB X7 - Clear
Andrew Lopedote

Krikzz makes excellent products. Everdrive store ships fast and has great communication. Good for USA buyers especially in the North East coast.

Everdrive GBA Mini - Clear
Greg Deutschlander
Good product, overpriced though.

Enjoying the product just wish the price wasn’t increased so much because of the current shortage.

Hi! Thanks for your comment. We are sorry for the price increase. Because we are a one brand store and we don't have any other revenue, we raised our prices to face our financial obligation until Krikzz full return. When Krikzz will be back, our prices will be back to normal. We are very sorry for that situation. :-(

Love it!

My GBA Mini was very easy to set up and works perfectly! Can't wait for my other everdrives to arrive!

Love my everdrive

It works great in my original DS and looking forward to using it when my analog pocket arrives. Easy install and get to play all the games from my childhood without adding wear and tare to my original games

Everything I wanted and more

Overall setup was easy and I was able to quickly understand the folder limitations to get everything I could want out of it.

Amazing service

I had all of Krikzz's Everdrives, except for the Famicom and Game Gear ones, when the war happened and obviously brought his business to a halt. I rushed and managed to get the GG X7 here in the UK, but the Famicom N8 Pro had gone out of stock everywhere, along with all other Everdrives. Since I already have the NES version of the N8 Pro, I would have been happy with the regular N8 for the Famicom, but those were also gone everywhere I looked.

Thanks to a Reddit post, I learned that this was the last place that had some N8s left. I rushed and got one, last one in stock! Now, my mind was blown when it took only 5 days, including weekend, for it to get here, all the way from beautiful Canada. 5 days! Amazing, I was in awe of how quick the shipping was, it beat most domestic sellers here in the UK. Absolutely top notch store, I couldn't praise them enough! Thank you so much.

Thanks for your beautiful comment. We try to dispatch as fast as possible (often the same day if ordered before 11.00AM (N.Y. Time)) and it help to reduce waiting time.

We are very happy that your are happy :-D, but it's a kind of exception.

For future buyer; the 5 days transit time to U.K., with regular delivery service, is an exception. The median transit time is 8 days and the Average is 9 days.

You can have it in 2 days using Express Shipping ($$).

But, good for us :-D

Awesome gaming experience, as expected

Anyone reading this comment exactly knows what to expect from an everdrive and yes, it's that good. Now waiting for an additional n8 pro, maybe some day.

However, the carts top label is coming off, not sure how to fix that, are there maybe replacement labels one could buy? Can you kindly let me know.
It's just a cosmetic thing but as the cart is sitting in my avs clear launch edition it is easily visible...

Thank you for the fast and well protected shipping, gladly do business with you again.


Everdrive GG X7 gives me the opportunity to play all the titles I would have never played

N8 review

I like my N8. It arrived quickly and works as advertised. My only confusions were after ordering I didn't receive an order confirmation until it arrived. Also my order remained in the website shopping cart until it was received leaving me unsure if I successfully placed the order. Perhaps a picture on the website of the sd slot could be shown. I had seen pictures of an everdrive with an sd and micro sd card slot and was unsure which one this n8 would have. It's also so early in the life of the n8 I feel rating the aspects of service interaction significantly are warranted.


Thanks for your order.

Sorry for the missing follow up on your order.

Can you check in your spam folder if you received an order confirmation?

You shoud have received at least 2 emails.

1 order confirmation

1 shiipping confirmation with the tracking number.

All of thoses emails are sent automatically.

We will keep an eye on other similar events.

Great device to experience your old GBA games

The Everdrive GBA X5 Mini is a great device to play your old GBA games. The build quality is fantastic, the setup super easy and it runs perfectly.
Also the delivery to Germany was very fast and without any issues.

I hope that you guys can keep up the great work and that more people will be able to have fun with Krikzz products.