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DOA (Dead on Arrival)



Please contact us to arrange the return of your package.

Never received it.

The package required a signature and I am not home during the day. I went to pick it up on a lunch break from the post office but it was out again on the truck for delivery. So it went back to seller and not sure if I'll get a refund for the device but I'm 99% sure I'll still have to pay for the shipping. Not sure why a signature was required, I have a large mailbox, the package could not have been that large.

Everything I'd hoped for

Honestly, this product does exactly what it claims to do. It's well made, so it doesn't feel like it's going to fall apart. The menu is easy to navigate, and the settings feel rather intuitive. I've tried a variety of games, but you'd never know they were running on this device. Definitely recommend!

It broke

It worked for a day and now it doesn't. Its broke. No idea what to do about that. I'm done trying.

Please contact us for help or exchange.

Not working

Formatting 8, 16, 32 gig SD cards....tried them all and can't get any of them to screen with row after row of capitol AAA's...not sure what else to try.


We just learn that the RetronN 3 is incompatible with the Everdrive N8 Pro.

Please communicate with US for a full Refund.

Everdrive N8 Pro - Gray

De lo mejor amigos.. yo sinceramente estoy muy alegre y agradecido de la calidad de producto. Y lo mejor de todo, es un producto original de krikzz.

Welcome back to childhood!

Super fast and secure delivery! Everything is fine. The part is worth it. Buy it! (:

I have the X5 but this is way better

I put together a n64 smoke black with this black smoke ever drive and looks awesome, just waiting to do the ultrahdmi mod

Unfortunately never received my N8 when I ordered - DO NOT use DHL

I will not speak ill of the Everdrive N8 Pro because I've seen it and used it in the past and its AMAZING. But when I went to finally purchase my own, I unfortunately selected DHL shipping as my shipping method and thus never received my package. Their 'proof of delivery' feature does not protect the recipient and basically was their delivery driver's word versus mine, with no sort of protection. I never signed for my package yet they claim it was delivered. That said, this is merely a warning to be patient and use USPS and DO NOT use DHL. I love Everdrive and cannot blame them, they did their end of the bargain and shipped it, I just put my trust in the wrong service.

EverDrive GB X7 - Frosted Clear
Morgan-Sean MCCRIGHT
Great product with no instructions

Great product, works as advertised if not better.

The only reason I took off a star is because there are no instructions provided, requiring a Google.

Alfred Lim
Endgame for the SNES

Upgraded from a Super Everdrive and it's been absolutely worth it. After setup, FXPAK handles everything I've thrown at it including enhancement chip romhacks

Everdrive 64 X7 - Gray
Jimmy Esparza

Preserve your physical N64 games and play all your favorites conveniently in one cartridge. It's a huge plus too that you save money by not buying individual carts at $30-40 or even more with rare titles priced higher.

Joyzz - Black
Kasey C.
Best Wireless Genesis/MD Controller

Tried all the wireless options and the Joyzz is far and away the best one. A bit awkward to pair, but once it is it works like a charm. Feels exactly how a Genesis/MD controller should

Mega EverDrive X7 - Black
Yu Cheng Chuang

Mega EverDrive X7 - Black

Works great.

No complaints, cartridge works very well. I loaded it with games and it works perfectly.

EverDrive N8 Famicom - Yellow
Jean-Baptiste FLeury

I have a "error10 message although I did everything the website says ...

Wow! Awesome!

I am very impressed with the product, it arrived quickly and in perfect condition - and in its own case! I'm incredibly happy with this purchase, even though the price was a bit steeper than some other resellers, this place had it in stock and it's worth it to support an official re-seller of the Everdrive! The color is awesome too. Thanks so much!

Amazingly fast delivery

Super fast delivery, product is great, would buy again in a second.

Very Satisfied!

It takes a little bit of following instructions, but once you have to SD card set up with the right files this thing truly sings!! It’s played every game I’ve thrown at it so far! A must-have for a SNES fan! 5/5 stars!

Works perfectly. Every time. No glitches.

Title sums it up.

Totally impressed!

Totally impressed with the product, great dealing with this store - package was delivered promptly and as described.

Everdrive 64 X7 - Frosted Blue


Fantastic to be able to play all games as rom files on the original console.

EverDrive GB X5 - Clear
Nicholas Rotow

EverDrive GB X5 - Clear

Mega Everdrive Pro - Black