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EverDrive-64 v2.5
EverDrive-64 v2.5

EverDrive-64 v2.5

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  • High compatibility. Near to 100% compatibility with n64 game library
  • Build-in UltraCIC II lockout chip. Supports both PAL and NTSC systems. Can play protected games, which used CIC-6105
  • Custom made multi region shell. Cartridge fits in any console
  • 64Mbyte (512mbit) SDRAM for ROM data (max ROM size 64Mbyte)
  • SD and SDHC cards are supported
  • FAT16/FAT32 support. Unlimited partition size for FAT32
  • SD to SDRAM transfer speed up to 23 Mbyte/s
  • Emulation features
  • Gamepack saves support (SRAM, SRAM128Kbyte, EEPROM16k, EEPROM4k, FlashRam)
  • GameShark cheats
  • IPS/APS patches
  • No extra software needed




OS update

UltraCIC configuration

ED64-IO sources


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KRIKzz YouTube demo


gp2x (German) (Dutch)

youtube by glennplant