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EverDrive N8 NES - Gray

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€111,95 EUR


  • This is the new Version that require a micro sd card
  • Famicom, NES, and Twin Famicom systems are supported.*?Many NES/FC clones supported as well.
  • Cart supports NES and FDS ROM images.
  • Automatic disk side swap for FDS.
  • Expansion audio.**
  • Save State function
  • Game Genie cheat code support.
  • Automatically backs-up saves to SD card. There is no need to push reset before shutting down the system.***
  • Mapper support can be extended via software updates. As easy as loading new mappers files on SD card.
  • FAT / FAT16 / FAT32 file system formats are supported.
  • Supports SD cards up to 32GB.
  • Quick loading (4-8 seconds approx).


  • Powerful Cyclone II FPGA.
  • 2 x 512Kbyte SRAM for PRG and CHR data.
  • 128Kbyte battery backed memory. It write save data to SD.
  • Max II CPLD to handle FPGA reconfiguration, BIOS and SD interfaces.
  • 1Mbyte flash BIOS.
  • Voltage shift buffers on PPU and CPU bus for matching levels between 5v NES bus and 3.3 EverDrive bus. Far better than simple resistor buffers at reducing noise and power consumption.

*?Famicom version of cart requires Famicom to NES adapter to be used with NES. NES version of cart requires NES to Famicom adapter to be used with Famicom.
**?Only Famicom can output expansion sound without modification. NES systems require modification to support this feature.
***?FDS is the only exception, user should push the reset button on system to get back to main menu before than shutting down the system, otherwise FDS save data will be lost.

Important notices:
At first boot, CIC chip may need reconfiguration. Look at?this video?for details.


OS Update



Promo materials:

KRIKzz YouTube demo 1

KRIKzz YouTube demo 2

FigureItOut (Youtube)

Aleomark (Spanish)

Aleomark (English)?

Omonim2007 (Russian)?




Total games: 2626
Supported games: 2587
Not supported games: 39


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Evyatar Tsabari
Works great

Extremely simple to use and reliable.

Sean Cahill
Work great

I got the drive quickly and it works flawlessly

EverDrive N8 NES

The EverDrive N8 NES is great. I don't mind the 2 second wait time it takes to load ROMs vs the Pro version's instant load time. I don't need multiple save states within the same game either. The one thing I wish the standard EverDrive N8 NES cart had was in-game exit to the EverDrive ROM game list menu. With everything that this cart can do, it gets a little bit annoying to have to get up and press reset every time I want to change EverDrive game ROMs on my original NES console. That should be a software feature also available on the EverDrive N8 just like it is on the N8 Pro version. Otherwise, I am very happy with the N8 overall.

Shane Chevalier
The best!

Hands down the N8 is the best way to get that true feeling of playing on an actual NES without the original cartridge. Very easy to use for experienced users and thankfully YouTube is available to help the new folks starting out! When you get your N8, you'll need to revisit this website to get it to work as there are no instructions included!

Awesome gaming experience, as expected

Anyone reading this comment exactly knows what to expect from an everdrive and yes, it's that good. Now waiting for an additional n8 pro, maybe some day.

However, the carts top label is coming off, not sure how to fix that, are there maybe replacement labels one could buy? Can you kindly let me know.
It's just a cosmetic thing but as the cart is sitting in my avs clear launch edition it is easily visible...

Thank you for the fast and well protected shipping, gladly do business with you again.