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Svideo Cable for Nintendo Super Nintendo SNES 64 N64 GameCube GC S-video

Svideo Cable for Nintendo Super Nintendo SNES 64 N64 GameCube GC S-video

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The S-Video Cable for Nintendo SNES / N64 or GameCube is the perfect accessory for those who want to experience their favorite games in stunning high-quality video. This cable provides a clear and sharp image, making it the ideal choice for gamers who demand the best in visual quality. The S-Video connection provides a significant improvement over standard composite video, delivering superior color accuracy and a sharper image. The cable is made with high-quality materials, ensuring a durable and long-lasting connection. Whether you're playing solo or with friends, this S-Video Cable will enhance your gaming experience by providing the best possible picture quality. So, add it to your cart today and get ready to experience the ultimate gaming setup.

I am using it with N64, Super Nintendo and GameCube on my 32" Sony Trinitron CRT looks great really good color's and good picture quality very sharp image I can't really tell any difference between this cable and my old Monster S-Video cable. Also looks really good on my 2006 LG hd tv on 4:3 setting. Huge difference between the composite cable and S-Video cable on both these TV's especially the HD LG

Positive feedback rating
fast shipping, solidly built cable, and the picture looks AMAZING! Get this now!
Evaluations positives Snes,N64 and GameCube all look great with the S-Video cable on a Sony Trinitron

Commentary received on ebay's inbox:I could not believe the quality difference in these VS my other S Video cables.. these must be a direct copy of the OEM Nintendo brand ones.. just thought I'd give a shoutout, very nice cables.thanks.

Positive feedback rating Arrived quickly and a dramatic quality upgrade for my SNES. Thanks!
Positive feedback rating I have purchased many S-Video Cables but this one is def closest to OEM!!

Positive feedback rating
cable works great, thanks
Positive feedback rating looks better than composite for sure
Positive feedback rating Excellent cable, no noise. This will keep me afloat while I fix my RGB setup.
Positive feedback rating These cables work very well. Everything is great. Thank you!
Positive feedback rating Not bad for a 3rd party product. Looks better on Sony Crt tvs then other brands.

Personnal Memo:

I personnaly own this cable for my Snes, N64 & Game Cube. The quality is very nice for the price.

This is a copy of the original Nintendo brand S-Video cable. Short of the genuine Nintendo S-video cable ( which is hard to find and expensive ) this is the best you can get. This cable is 1.8m long, approximately 6 feet.

It will give you true S-video. Do not let yourself be fooled by those inexpensive S-video cables that offer composite ( the yellow cable ) on top of the S-video connector. Just about all of them are wired wrong and do not really output S-video, they route composite to the S-video connector instead. I bought some of them myself and learned it the hard way. Even the brand that comes in a nice little box is wired wrong and will not give you true s-video.

The resulting picture on those fake cables is of horrible quality, worst than Composite itself. You will get what is commonly known as the checkerboard effect on top of washed out colors. The result might vary depending on your TV set and how they natively filter the signals you feed them.
I tried those bad cables on a Sony trinitron CRT and the result was horrible.

Those things should not even be on the market but they are all over ebay.

If you want true S-video out of your SNES, Gamecube or N64, those cables I sell are the cables to get. Just about all the cables that also have the yellow RCA connector are wired wrong. The only exception I know of are the 3 in 1 cables from monster cables and those are no longer easily available.


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