We are the only official distributor dedicated entirely to Krikzz products.


Frequently asked question.

Q) Who are you?

     We are Everdrivestore.com, a dedicated store exclusive to Krikzz product. We started selling Everdrive in 2016.

Q) Does your Everdrive are Legit? 

     Yes, we only sell Official Everdrive product from Krikzz.

Q) Do you have products in stock?

    Yes, we only sell what we can ship now. If you can buy it, we ship it to you the same day or the next business day.

Q) How can you have inventory when Krikzz himself does not have?

    We are a major player, and we buy massive inventory from Krikzz. The transit times can explain why Krikzz can be sold out when we put our inventory online.

Q) How much time it takes to receive my Everdrive?

    North America, 3-7 days. 1 day with Express Shipping 

    Europe 5-12 days. 2 Days with Express Shipping

    Asia 10-20 days. 2-5 Days with Express Shipping

Q) What is the average shipping price?

    North America $7~$13.  $22 with Express Shipping

    Europe $14. $30 with Express Shipping

    Asia $14. $50 with Express Shipping

Q) Why prices are so high?

    Since the war in Ukraine, the situation never returned to normal. Furthermore, even if we don't talk about it, the chip shortage is still present and continues to affect prices.

Q) Does your price will go back to normal?

    We hope so, but we severely doubt about it. We think the price seen in our store might be the new “normal”.

Q) What happened when the war was declared? You were not supposed to closed?

    We will publish a dedicated blog/article for that specific event.

Q) What is the advantage of buying from you?

    All of our Everdrive comes with a retail box, either the official plastic box or the cardboard one. Everything is plastic sealed and every Everdrive have a serial number that validated the genuine parts inside. We do not extra charge you for that.

    You will receive your Everdrive in matters of days instead of weeks. We saw on Reddit that some people have waited more than 7 weeks to get their Everdrive.

Q) I prefer to encourage Krikzz directly instead of you.

   We entirely understand your position. Krikzz and his staff suffered from war activities, and it's a beautiful way to encourage them. In counterpart, we think, it might be easier for Krikzz and his staff to send 1 order of multiple hundred Everdrive to EverdriveStore.com than preparing multiple hundred orders individually. Removing workload from Krikzz's shoulder can be useful for everybody.

Q) Why Everdrive are often unavailable?

    We struggle to supply demand because of the chip shortage. The war Event halt the production for about 3 months, but now, even if not fully reestablished, the production has started!

Q) Who made Everdrive?

     Krikzz, in Ukraine.

Q) Does N64 need expansion Pak?

    Game that require the expansion Pak will need the expansion Pak to be playable or unlock a special feature in game.