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How to configure an Everdrive?

Ready to play? Let's configure everything.

Quick step guide

1) Format in Fat32
2) Download O.S. (Operating System)
3) Find games
4) Drag and drop files and organize the folder.

But before, a little message on (micro) SD cards.

Not all (micro) SD cards are created equal.

Over the past decade, we've seen fake SD cards take over online stores. It's hard to tell whether it's genuine or not. Even the dealers don't know they are reselling fake SD cards. Everdrives are very picky about SD cards. Make sure you buy an SD card from a place you trust. Good news, we sell SD cards. We suggest 8 GB as the size.

1) You need to format a micro SD card to FAT32. If your SD card is larger than 32 GB, you will need a special tool to force format to FAT32. See the support section for suggestions.

2) Download firmware OS from the download page in the support menu. You then unzip and drag and drop the whole folder to the root of the miro SD card. That's all.

3) Find the games, the tricky part. The games that go into Everdrive are called ROMs. Search for your “console name” and “ROMs” and you will find games to download. We do not support pirating, so make sure the ROMs are not copyrighted.

4) Once you find ROMs, drag and drop files to SD card. Make sure to unzip the files. Do not drag and drop files into the OS folder. You can create a folder hierarchy to help organize your games.

Now have fun!