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I recieved the item faster then I thought.

Problem is it showed up with bad stress fractures at the bottom of the everdrive cartridge. This makes me think this may have been used before and resold or something happened during shipping which caused this damage. I paid close to $200.00 for this product and it should not have these stress fractures/cracks on the bottom of it.

I have reached out through email and I have received one response saying "they are made this way" if this is the case then they shouldn't be priced at $167.00 plus shipping. I can understand if this was some cheap random flash cartridge, but it's not. It's a well known everdrive flash cartridge, so I expected a lot better.

I'm pretty disappointed as everdrivestore has a good name in the retro gaming community. I'm hoping someone will reach out to me soon as my last e mails have not been responded to

Freakin Awesome!!

Was nervous about getting it but after I installed the software and copied over my roms… best decision I’ve made in a long time!! Thanks all!!

Works great!!

Fast and secure shipping. The N64 Everdrive works great!!!

Does it's job

...Does it's job.

micro SD Card Reader Adapter to USB

FXPAK PRO - Yellow
Lyuben Penkovski
Beware, does not work with SNES mini console!

Unfortunately, I've got SNES mini and I didn't know that it doesn't support any cartridges. I ordered the FXPAK pro through some people travelling to my country, and returning the item in the 30-day period is impossible, as almost 20 days have passed after I got it. So that means I cannot return it. Now I have a nicely-made, expensive product, which I cannot use. It's my fault, but I'm not happy with the situation :(

Todo perfecto

Me llego muy rapido, bien empaquetado y una caja en la que guardar el cartucho.
Funciona todo muy bien y es muy intuitivo su uso, 100% recomendado.

Everdrive N8 PRO - Gray
Dominic Allard
N8 Pro

Very high quality device… I’m very happy

Really impressive product.

As a young teenager I had Atari's and Nintendo's all of the well known consoles. My neighbor had a Sega Master System and later a Genesis. I think I spent more time playing their Genesis then they did when I would come over to hang out with my neighbor friends since we always shared our toys growing up. I had found a Sega Master System in the garbage at some point and had fun with it but always missed out on the Genesis. Never ever owning my own not to mention the Sega CD and 32x that came out later. I'm having a ton of fun playing the catalog on the Everdrive Pro now and just loving every minute of it. I haven't any problems and it's living up to all my expectations and even more on my newly acquired Genesis as well as a 32x I won on ebay. I honestly just got into the retro gaming hobby and it's really letting me relive my childhood and I also own 3 Atari's as well. I can't believe all the great things that are being offered in this new acquired hobby and the Everdrive Pro is really letting me experience on a whole new level. I've owned just about every Playstation since then except the PS5 but still enjoy my PS4 Pro so being eble to play these old retro consoles is a much loved experience since really there is nothing really like this anymore. Thank you for making a really cool product and making the experience that much more enjoyable.

Everdrive GBA Mini - Frosted Red

Works exactly as described, fast shipping.


works great, fast shipping !!

Everdrive 64 X7 - Mint
Myles Shepherd

Easily fit my whole n64 collection of over 200 games and operates without problems!

Everdrive 64 X7 - Frosted Green

Very happy with my purchase

Works great! Super easy to set up!

Works great!

Product works exactly as described!

Worked perfectly with my Everdrive X7

X7 and SD card worked perfectly together! I’ve heard about SD cards being finicky and was thrilled with how easy everything was to set up!

hella works

Been using this for GBA games on my analogue pocket. Great product, nice hard plastic case!

Everdrive 64 X7 - Frosted Red
robert sturm-tamez
This is amazing

The everdrive works perfectly!

Awesome product

It arrived very quickly and the instructions were very clear.
Everything worked from the start with no issues!

Everdrive 64 X7 - Gray
Miguel Sanchez

This is the best cartridge for the N64, it load the games instantly and the quality is beyond my expectations.

Works better than expected

I wasn't sure how this would work as I've tried lots of ROMs and different emulators, but using it on my Nintendo 64 has been absolutely flawless. I'm expecting that I'll be doing the same thing for other older consoles now.

Been amazing so far

Well worth the money haven’t had any issues at all and now I don’t have to break the bank trying to collect all the n64 games I want to play. This also makes me use my cartridges less often hopefully prolonging their life. I’ll be back to get some everdrive devices for my gameboys.

Best purchase for N64

Been wanting one for a while and finally bought one. Absolutely love it. Glad I finally decided to get one.

The ultimate cartridge for SNES

Fantastic piece of hardware and unlike other flashcarts this one can be customized (though font cannot be changed right now). Most of games with custom chips works but work is still required in fpga emulation of these chips.