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What is an Everdrive and how does it work?


Welcome to the wonderful world of the Everdrives!

We will answer common questions for beginners through this page.

An Everdrive is a flash cart that allows you to play games on your console. The cartridge is easy to use. You “drag and drop” files from your computer onto a * micro SD card that you insert into the Everdrive. When you turn on your console, a list of games will appear. With your controller, you select the title, and you're done!

The reason Everdrive is so popular is the feeling of authenticity you get when playing a game. It's the same as your childhood memories. It works perfectly. Furthermore, depending on your micro SD card size, you can put as many games as you want.



We have many Everdrives for many consoles. The Everdrives are divided into series. It goes from the Pro series to the entry level.

Pro Version: You will get the most powerful hardware to support future upgrades. You will also get all the features and options.

Save State is a good example of a feature available on the pro series. It gives you the option to save the game whenever you want and load it anytime. When you have difficulty with a boss it can be useful, we don't judge you. The pro series is not available on all Everdrives.

The X7 series is the most powerful after the Pro. When there is no pro version for an Everdrive, do not hesitate to buy the X7 version. It will be the best available. One of the main differences between Pro and X7 series is the number of slots available for save state. On the X7, it is limited to 1 against 100 for the Pro series.

X6 version supports special game chips and has better compatibility than X5 version. It is nowhere near as powerful as the Pro version.

The X5 will have fewer features and may not support state backup and|or real-time clock. Some games that require a real-time clock may not be playable.

The X3 only exists to be as cheap as possible. This is entry level, and you may need to press “Reset” on your console to save the games. The backup state is not available. The x3 series tends to disappear and be replaced by the X5. The X3 version is the easiest way to introduce you to Everdrive and retro games.


Ready to play? Let's configure everything.

Quick step guide

1) Format in Fat32
2) Download O.S. (Operating System)
3) Find games
4) Drag and drop files and organize the folder.

But before, a little message on (micro) SD cards.

Not all (micro) SD cards are created equal.

Over the past decade, we've seen fake SD cards take over online stores. It's hard to tell whether it's genuine or not. Even the dealers don't know they are reselling fake SD cards. Everdrives are very picky about SD cards. Make sure you buy an SD card from a place you trust. Good news, we sell SD cards. We suggest 8 GB as the size.

1) You need to format the SD card to FAT32. If your SD card is larger than 32 GB, you will need a special tool to force format to FAT32. See the support section for suggestions.

2) Download OS from the product description page or the download page in the support menu. You unzip and drag and drop the whole folder to the root of the SD card. That's all.

3) Find the games, the tricky part. The games that go into Everdrive are called ROMs. Search for your “console name” and “ROMs” and you will find games to download. We do not support pirating, so make sure the ROMs are not copyrighted.

4) Once you find ROMs, drag and drop files to SD card. Make sure to unzip the files. Do not drag and drop files into the OS folder. You can create a folder hierarchy to help organize your games.

Now have fun!