We are the only official distributor dedicated entirely to Krikzz products.

Who are you?

We are EverdriveStore.com!

  • We are EverdriveStore.com, a dedicated store to Everdrive and useful accessories.
  • We started selling Everdrive in 2016, and we became EverdriveStore.com in 2018.
  • Furthermore, we are an official Krikzz reseller.

Our mission is to offer

  • a faster Delivery than any competitors.
    • 1-Day Delivery for North America.
    • 2 Days Delivery for European Union countries.
    • 3-6 Days Delivery for Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and Singapore.
    • 5-12 Days Everywhere around the world.
  • Affordable Fast delivery option via Canada post or USPS
  • an excellent customer Service.
  • Best Price possible.
  • Availability. We don't pre-sale. Everything is in hands, ready to ship.