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An excellent product!

I received the Everdrive 64 X7, and it works perfectly! It's such a surreal experience being able to run so many different games on actual hardware. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who enjoys the N64 at all.

Fantastic product

Fantastic flash cart. Sotware works smooth and without any problems. Everything I tried so far from licenced games (both mega cd and megadrive games) works perfectly. Some chinese, unlicenced games needs patching but that's rare case. Even Demons of Asteborg works great :)

Plastic shell and plastic case are also made great - plastic is great quality (unlike some chinese products available elsewhere). Plastic case in fact looks almost identical to original Sega case.

Highly recommended even for those who already have other megadrive flash cart (like me) because aprt from many improvement it also allows to play mega cd games from flashcart.

It works great

Gets the job done

Only giving 3 stars because one of the two cables was defective and wouldn't allow simultaneous button presses.

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Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the defective cable. Please communicate with us for an exchange out of charge.

Love it

No more need to say, just love the device

Phenomenal product! I love it!

Love it!

It runs smoothly on my GBA and SP. With NES and Game Boy emulation on my Picoboot GameCube I can switch the SD between the two consoles and play like a Switch with the same game files.


works as expected, no issues; japanese n64

Limited Instructions, Great Product

Anyone that’s new to this type of stuff will struggle to get started. There is no help with getting the ROMs. Instruction booklet needs some updating. Skips a crucial step involving the ROMs and where to find proper files.


No notes.

It works

Easy to set up and use and plays all my games perfectly, and the price is hard to argue with.

Works perfect

SD card works perfectly with my new everdrive


Amazing service and amazing product

Works perfectly, quick delivery, excellent price!

Everdrive 64 X7 - Frosted Clear
olivia de la fuente

Everdrive 64 X7 - Frosted Clear

Worked perfectly for ED64

This is exactly what I was looking for. It was a decent price and branded with EverDriveStore.com logo....and everything loaded perfectly.

Christopher Whitehead
Essential Gear For Retro Enthusiasts

The FXPak Pro is a fantastic addition to a retro gaming setup. The ability to access all your games through a simple menu and even boost the performance of FX chip games so that they play at a good consistent speed is amazing. Being able to customize your menu is just a bonus. Highly recommended.

Everdrive N8 PRO - Frosted Clear
Alejandro Martínez Sánchez

bad experience, with great enthusiasm waiting for the everdrive and it comes with the micro sd adapter loose, also when I picked it up I had to pay €30 with concept supplied, I would not buy another cartridge


Please contact us for an exchange of your everdrive.

Kiss u niggas on the lips. Great product.

Turbo Everdrive Pro
Kurt Phillips
Save states don't play very nicely with the Analogue Duo

Great compatibility overall, but the title says it all

One week from order to arrival

I chose to order my Everdrive N8 Pro from EverdriveStore.com because it was listed as an authorized distributor on krikzz.com and speedy order delivery was assured. One week was all it took from order until delivery during the busy shipping season between Thanksgiving and Christmas using the slowest delivery option. Thanks for prompt delivery of a genuine Krikzz Everdrive product.

The best

Being able to play my games without switching the cartridge is great. It works flawlessly and I couldn't be happier

Best flash cart solution + more

The superior method for managing old cartridge based console games, development and other power user applications. Solid and well built with a great case. USB port allows for custom uses never before thought possible such as MIDI / tracker, direct chip control and more. Will be giving old consoles new life for years to come. Don’t waste your money on inferior flash carts.

Mind your power supplies however as weird voltages can make the card behave strangely!

Excellent product.

Exactly What I hope for! plus Transparent Green!

I Purchased this item, because I wanted to start playing some Super Mario World Hack Roms, example Kaizo, 1 The 12 Magic Orbs, etc. While the bps files are open source! (As long as YOU have the original game ROM)

Obviously, the problem is, in order to play it. you Either have to use a Emulator on your PC, or buy a Reproduction Cart with the hack rom you want, which some are NOT build right, and can Potentially DAMAGE the snes console!

Buying the FXPAK PRO is definitely the perfect solution! get bps hacks combine it to your original ROMs belonging to the same game, and enjoy playing the new Modded Super Mario hack game on the ORIGINAL console! And the Savestate works on all the mario games. Which you want with Kaizos lol. (expect a few music errors Temporarily till map change or death)

Only game it doesn't work on is, Jurassic Park! When you enter a building, it goes very lagy, and all the rooms are flickering on and off like a strobe light. I bet the problem is, Jurassic Park is game pack that uses multiple chips, on the main game, it goes over head like Zelda Link to the past, but when you go inside buildings, it goes first person 3D shooter, like snes DOOM. so NOT 100% compatible is expected! and NO biggie. How ever if the game is supposed to work. let me know if I need to either change the settings. or if the Rom I have is bad. Again thanks!

I enjoy the product!

Better than emulator

It feels good to play on original hardware than an emulator but it would've been best if the everdrive has artwork for the games rather than just text list