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Mega Everdrive X3 - Black

GBA mini

LOVE IT! Was on the edge for a while but finally purchased one for my newly upgraded SP. I love that it fits flush like a normal GBA cart and it does everything I wanted. I have hundreds of games at my disposal. The one downside is the lack of ability to go back to the main menu. Wish you didn’t have to power it off to do so.

Exactly what I needed for a GBA

Super easy to put your games on it and works amazing with my GBA. Load times are fast, and emulating GB and GBC games through goomba is great. It’s super convenient to have all my games on 1 cartridge, and even more so because at least with the latest is version, you can press start to run your last player game. Well worth the money for me and my wants/needs.

Everything I hoped for

100% worth the money, great product that delivers what it promises. Love from Sweden

Fantastic Device

This device is extremely fulfilling to my inner child. There have been no issues playing .z64 games that I've ran into, however it will occasionally crash playing ROM Hacks, but this is an expected outcome and due mostly to the hacks themselves. I have ran into issues playing various gameboy and gameboy color games. The games seem to run fine for the first few minutes, but will crash after progressing so far in a game. Other than that, this has been an amazing product.

Everdrive GBA Mini

works perfectly, will recommend it to everyone who is interested in retro gaming on the gba or any other platform you support

Good product! :)

It works well. The packaging of the product was elegant.

Emulate your Roms IRL

Absolutely blown away with the ease of this carts use. Just format your micro sd card, download the updated OS, and place your personal mods in a separate folder and you're good to go. Play your games the way they were meant to be played, on the system that they're made for.


Works as expected ‘

Everdrive N8 - Gray
Jordan Richards
Love it!

After spending about a month with my N8 I’m very happy with its performance. I took a little YouTubing to learn more about setting up the file system and save states. My backups load easily and the cart fires up on the first try. A paper manual would be nice but easy enough to figure out I guess. Very happy overall and I plan to keep an eye out for the N64 version and possibly the SNES

Green and clear

I have an original Green N64, and so this cartridge looks great in it. I've been able to play a ton of games in my library like Banjo Kazooie and Super Mario 64. It's been a blast.

Skylar DeWeese
This thing is awesome

I can back up all my games, and it works very well on my original SNES. it's nice having them all in one place.

Matthew Levesque
Fxpak pro

Works as advertised

Brings back good times... with the proper SD card.

Been getting Error 38 with other SD cards that I have. After able to obtain one... finally most of childhood came back. Especially on a PC Engine console... Now waiting for a AV booster to come so I can play Neutopia properly... and save via File Cabinet.

Excellent product

Product came when expected and works like they said it would. I definitely recommend this site

High Quality

The cartridge came in and looks great! The material looks more like a frosted glass than a plastic and it's perfectly weighty! Would definitely buy again. Don't forget to go to the download portion of the site to download the latest OS!

Thanks for the review and photos!

Have Fun!

Amazing product

Amazing product, fast shipping ! couldn’t recommend more.

Amazing product

Amazing product, fast shipping ! couldn’t recommend more.

Special service

Asked to switch to green since they restocked and they did without saying anything still think it's a hundred bucks too expensive but you can't beat quality


Works perfectly with my gameboy micro, amazing to play my favorite games on the original hardware

Everdrive GBA Mini

Delivered quickly and works great!

Great flash cart!

The build quality is top notch, with a high quality shell, industrial components and an SD card reader that's springy. The features built into it and general reliability beat out anything else below its price range. Absolutely love the physical return to home button. The ED Store's finishing touches on it are a great flourish on top of the basic model sold by Krikzz.

Best gadget ever

This cart does everything I hoped it would. I have an extensive collection of physical Gameboy, GBC, and GBA games. Some have failing save batteries, which I have changed on occasion, but then you lose your save. Also, when I travel, I don’t want to juggle a bunch of cartridges. Now I can have them all in my Gameboy Micro, stick it in my pocket, and travel light. Being able to play GB and GBC on my Micro is the best, plus the emulator does save-states for those, like the 3DS would do. Can’t say enough good things!

Everdrive N8 PRO - Gray
Jeremy Osborne
N8 Pro Review

Everything works great, no issues. Fast shipping

Everdrive 64 X7 - Yellow
Michael Vizcaya

high quality and fast shipping with the 2 day express option (totally worth it)

the yellow looks perfect with my pikachu n64!

easy to setup with just installing latest OS and having file of your games outside of that file.

the SD card thats available on the site (8gb) works great as well.

thank you so much for high quality product and fast shipping. I am happy. worth every cent